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Visit eBay Australia the online marketplace for the sale and trading of goods and services. The eBay auction community includes millions of registered members from Australia and around the world. People spend more time on eBay than any other online site, making it one of the most popular Australian shopping destinations on the Internet.  eBay Australia provides a trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything.
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eBay Australia celebrates 5 millionth member

5 out of every 6 Australian internet shoppers is an eBay member

eBay Australia today announced the acquisition of its 5 millionth member. One in three
adult Australians is now an eBay member, making eBay.com.au the most popular shopping
destination in Australia.

“Today’s milestone demonstrates the growing appeal of online shopping to Australian
consumers. People are increasingly turning to the Internet as the primary place to research
products, compare prices and find great bargains,” says Simon Smith, Vice President and
Managing Director, eBay Australia & New Zealand.

Since launching in 1999, eBay.com.au has become Australia’s leading online marketplace.
Worldwide, eBay has more than 105 million items on offer at any given time in more than
50,000 categories.

“Reaching the 5 million member mark confirms eBay.com.au as a mainstream shopping
destination where Australians can buy and sell practically anything from the comfort of their
own home,” says Smith. “From snapping up new brand name items for less than retail to
enjoying the thrill of winning an auction, Australians clearly believe eBay is the most
exciting, fun and convenient way to shop.”

According to ACNielsen, eBay Australia’s growth is keeping pace with industry trends;
annual spending online reached a record $12.48 billion in 2006, an average of $2,100 per
person, representing 63% growth over the last 12 months. 5.94 million Australians now
shop online with 84% of those choosing to visit eBay1.

On an average day on eBay Australia:

• A car is sold every 12 mins and 27 secs
• A laptop is sold every 8 mins and 46 secs
• An antique is sold every 3 mins and 7 secs
• A baby item is sold every 46 seconds
• A DVD is sold every 23 secs
• A piece of women's clothing is sold every 13 secs

“eBay’s success in the Australian market can be attributed to its unique formula of value for
money, fun and the ability to buy practically anything – not to mention our 5 million loyal
buyers and sellers,” Smith says.

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