Outdoor Sports Gear Online Store USA Online Sports Store was founded in 1996 by Jim Holland-two time Olympic ski jumper, and John Bresee-former editor of Powder Magazine, with the purpose of providing outdoor adventure gear to the hard-core recreational athlete. Holland and Bresee began the company without investment, intent on selling cool gear over the Web, and found that if the content is good the people will come. offers a wide array of the best gear on the planet including backpacking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, mountaineering gear and more. USA online shopping for camping outdoors mountain skiing snowboard and sports gear at Backcountry Store supplies for all outdoor sports

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Backcountry Outdoor Sports Gear

High end gear for hard core outdoor enthusiasts

This is where it all started. Our roots were simple but our vision was and still is clear; is dedicated to being the best online retailer of the best built outdoor and backcountry gear on the planet. From the start our founders were intent on selling quality gear over the Web and what they found was that if the content is good and the products of the finest quality that people will come. If youíre as intense about your gear as you are about your adventures then youíre in the right store.

Our buyers have been intense about scouring the planet for the top gear you demand. In our store, youíll find the best gear from top brands like The North Face, Black Diamond, Petzl, Mountain Hardware, Arc Teryx, Salomon, and more. With over 250 brands and nearly 5000 products, offers a wide array of the absolute best made gear including backpacking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, mountaineering gear and more, all at competitive prices. If you canít find a piece of gear on, itís likely not a piece of gear you really need.

The type of gear found on is indicative of the types of employees we have and attract. This passion for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, trail running, and a list of other outdoor sports crosses over to our desire to excel and succeed as a company team. Itís evident in all we do and has translated to our continued success. is a associate